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bydaajestaa, February 13, 2012
jQuery Easy
After 2 hours of going round in circles and tearing my hair out trying to resolve a conflict issue by turning plugins on and off one by one (Ugh!), I installed this little wonder and bingo, like a miracle, all my problems evaporated!

Just click to download, click to install, click to activate and viola, everything is right in the world again : )))
Owner's reply

Trying to fix jQuery conflicts can be very tedious, especially that more and more extensions use it extensively. I am glad this little plugin was able to help you out!

Wow! This is one slick piece of work!! Only at version 1.0.2 and already it whips the pants off most of the other competitors.

And it's such a joy to use too! Not only is beautiful on the front-end but the back-end is clean, fast and well thought out. Totally worth the price of admission (& then some).

If Ohanah is representative of what Nooku can do, then all I can say is with quality apps like this, the outlook for Joomla is very bright indeed.

Looking for Event management in Joomla? Get on board and get a sneak peak at the future of Joomla apps.
bydaajestaa, December 22, 2010
I have been using the free Community version of this component for some time now and think it's great. Does exactly what it needs to do and is quick and easy to install and configure. With ReDJ I can log into Google Webmaster Tools, check reported errors and then within 60 seconds, have a redirect in place on my sites to deal with the problem.

Even better than this great product though is the support from the developer. I had a small problem and he worked with me to solve it even though I was using the free version. That's commitment above and beyond as far as I'm concerned.

Keep up the great work Luigi and thanks!