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bydacho, October 18, 2012
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Very useful extension. Easy to set up. In some templates you must set z-index with high value if link not work.

Thank you for this great non-commercial extension.
Owner's reply

Version 1.25 provides an automatic z-index option which should be useful for many users.

bydacho, October 8, 2012
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Multiple Rating for K2
Fantastic addon for K2

Our team spent a lot of time looking for extension like this.

Even this directory will be better if user can rate more than one thing.
In that case i will rate this ext:

Usefulness 5 star
Support 5 star
Easiness 5 star
Price: 5 star
bydacho, February 23, 2012
Very easy to install and use. Just few clicks instead of lot of time to manually remove generator tag.
bydacho, July 2, 2011
Admiror Gallery
Better than a lot of commercial galleries.

This gallery have exactly everything what you need. For beginners and advanced users even for commercial usage.

Fast, easy for use, translated to lot of languages... No credit block...

Thanks developers for this fantastic NON-COMMERCIAL plugin!!!
bydacho, July 1, 2011
FW Gallery
This is "non-commercial" plugin but useless without FW Gallery Batch Uppload Plugin.

Without that plugin you need to spend lot of time importihg one by one image.
Owner's reply

Dear dacho,

FW Gallery is a free and complete solution for Joomla photo gallery. It includes all features that are necessary for creation and further managing your gallery.

FW Gallery Batch Upload is an extra plugin that extends its functionality and is available for a small fee. We do not include it in the component allowing our customers to choose themselves what FW Gallery configuration will be the most suitable for them.

bydacho, December 10, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
One of the best plugin.

Our websites look better with this.