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I am creating my first template from scratch and needed a menu system to go with it. I discovered swMenuFree and it is the answer to all my needs at the moment. It is one of the best extensions I have discovered. As my needs increase I will most definitely be upgrading to swMenuPro.
bydalenlott, October 1, 2010
Everything good, every one has said is true. eXtplorer beats having to go to cPanel when working on files in my mainsite. Looks like it will supplant Filezilla when I want to do several uploads. One environment, Joomla. Another great tool, eXtplorer.
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
What I was looking for was a way to add subsections to sections and subcategories to categories.

What I found was FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component. It allows the creation of menu items based on keyword selections.

I am still not sure, but it may prove very useful. I just have to get my mind wrapped around the possibilities.

A little later and my mind is wrapped around the possibilities and they are good. The higher the volume of articles I realized it is not only nice; it is essential to be able to create menu items based not only on either sections and/or categories, but on keywords that can be global or restricted to either sections and/or categories.

The Development>Web>Joomla>Plugins and Extensions is my first such menu entry. Restricted to the Development section, Joomla category, and the keywords plugin and extension, it presents the articles in a blog view.

This one is a must have!
bydalenlott, October 1, 2010
FJ Related Articles Plus
FJ Articles Plus allows tailoring of the Related Articles limited to selected sections and categories. What is I particularly appreciate is the abililty to restrict related articles to the currently viewed article's section and/or category. Very useful when in aiding a visitor to view the articles in a particular topic.
bydalenlott, September 30, 2010
Creating a site map is with Xmap is simple and simply the best.

Probably the quickest extension for me to download, install and get working.

It is easy or my understanding is increasing. Actually it is both.
bydalenlott, September 30, 2010
Since I started using Joomla, I was disappointed that the editors did not truly work in WYSIWYG. Once I had established in my mind that I had fewer problems working on line this progressed from disappointmnent to issue. I had installed in the JCE Editor to replace TinyMCE and with its capabilities, I was having difficulty as the headers in the editor did not match the headers in the published content. I went back to the JCE Configuration and discovered that I was able to change the style sheet used for the content editor. Yipee! Took a little bit of work but I was able to set up a style sheet for the editor that better matches my published content.

Just go to the JCE Administration>Configuration on the Components menu in Site Administration.

Set the Use Template CSS in the Formatting section to NO

Copy the system editor template from templates/system/css/editor.css to the location specified in the Custom CSS File field in the Formatting section. $template is the default template name.

Modify the new template to match your default template scheme.

It works for me. JCE is better than I originally thought! I learn something new every day.