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bydamoder, October 27, 2009
Shape 5 Text Ticker
this is great extension and and serves its purpose.the best thing is that it supports the HTML content to be kept in it.worked like a charm.I use his for displaying my latest updates in the site.anyhow thanks for the author for this extension.
bydamoder, October 27, 2009
this is one of my favorite Joomla extensions.the lovely thing about this is it takes the HTML content as the module what to be in the scrolling can be our choice and with our first tried without knowing that it requires the plugin.after installing that it worked like charm.i use this lovely extension for rotation the logos of clients who are advertising with my site.thanks for the extension.
bydamoder, October 27, 2009
installs with no problems.many options in the configuration does whatever a gallery is supposed to do and with a lot of styling.only faced problem with image uploading.with the support i was able to figure that and is working like charm for me.thanks for the extension
bydamoder, October 27, 2009
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
installs smoothly..reduces the overhead of arranging the content in the articles..faced some problems while adding from the WYSIWUG editor.took the content from the notepad and pasted in the worked like charm!!thanks for the extension