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bydana9marie, February 15, 2011
I spent hours and hours trying several twitter modules, and most of them were really buggy or unecessarily complex, or didn't include basic features like the date/time of your tweet. I was about to give up and then I found THIS module. It has everything I need, works great and is quick and easy to configure. Search no more, you've found the twitter mod you've been looking for!
bydana9marie, February 15, 2011
I was surprised that it was so hard to find a good form component, and very relieved when I found this one. Once you understand the fact that the forms are actually made inside the templates, it all makes sense and falls into place. Great component overall. *favourited* :)
bydana9marie, February 15, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
I've used acajoom for years and I switched to acymailing a while ago and I'll never look back. It doesn't have the weird bugs I experienced with acajoom, the template experience is way friendlier, everything flows better and overall it just feels like a more solid component. There's a reason why this component has such a high rating!
bydana9marie, February 15, 2011
The possibilities are limitless with this module. If you're creative you can use it to accomplish a lot of things that you can't do natively in Joomla. Every site imagineable could make great use of it! It works great and no bugs. Thanks so much!
bydana9marie, December 28, 2009
VAI Media Center
It took three weeks for them to email me the install file after I paid. I asked for it several times, and it was only when I opened a dispute with paypal that they finally sent it. Then when I finally got the file and installed the module, it never really worked as described and it looked crappy. Not easy to customize the look, admin interface is rather lacking, and support on their website is really hard to find. I've since abandoned the module and found a really great free one to use instead. Wish I'd come across something else sooner!
Owner's reply

Problems that arise when paypals IPN fails caused the delay. With 1,000s of happy customers for the Media Center - and the V2.0 Component / Module version on the way - We hope to make everyone happy!

bydana9marie, December 28, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
Thank you so much for this module. I wasted money and significant time on other mods that didn't work. Then I found this one and got it up and running and looking the way I wanted in under an hour. Perfectly customizable! The addition of the popup function is what really made it suit my purpose! Thanks so much!