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bydanemcg, November 3, 2011
Like all of Peter's excellent products, this one "just works" straight out of the box, with the added bonus of being able to easily modify the appearance of the tips if you don't mind digging into the CSS a little bit. Wonderful!
bydanemcg, November 3, 2011
DB Replacer
Definitely for power-users only, this tool is invaluable if you know SQL and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty in the code "behind the scenes" of Joomla. The ability to directly update/modify multiple records in the database tables is an incredible time saver. It's free, but, like all of Peter's excellent extensions, well worth paying for; it pays for itself fairly quickly in hours of saved labor.
bydanemcg, August 12, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
If I could I would give this component/plugin a rating of 10 stars. Whenever I find some poor benighted Joomla admin who DOESN'T have this installed, I point them to it immediately & rave about it. I literally cannot imagine trying to administer a site without this.

And Peter gives excellent quick responses to comments posted on his forum.

Yes, it's free, but you really ought to pay for it-- it's worth it!
K2 is a perfect, almost archetypal, example of the best and worst aspects of the open-source movement.

The best in that it is an obviously well developed product, with oodles of features and functionality and a devoted user community.

The worst in that it has (as is all too common) next to no documentation. The sole piece of documentation, a "quick step-by-step guide", tells you in 12 rote steps "what" to do to get K2 basically-kinda'-sorta' up and running, without touching on whys. OK, I've got extra field groups and extra fields. That's nice. What are they for?

I know that they say that this product is not for Joomla beginners (which I'm not); but more honestly, it should say that the product is not for anyone who does not have 6 to 12 hours to spare mucking about and kicking the wheels to figure out the workings of the system. Judging by the mostly positive reviews here, there are a lot of such users who are willing to do so, and more power to you. I’m not one of them. I resent having to re-invent the wheel, 'cause it's so inefficient and unnecessary, and a waste of my time.

Deleting K2 from my system for now, which is a pity, 'cause it does seem good; I'll check back in a six months or so to see if anyone has documented anything yet.