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bydanielanders1, August 18, 2011
Easy Inventory Control
The advertisment promised Easy Inventory Control. Its not as easy as it could have been.

First of all the program let you controll that your customers don´t buy more of a product then you have on your stock. Thats perfect, but it stops there.

The demo video is showing the old version of the program and there is a large different in todays version instead of the video. That complicates thing when there is no good documentation of the new version.

In the webstore a t-shirt in ex. red will show the total numbers of product in that category. Ex. if you have 3 Large og 2 Medium will the store show that you have 5 products anyway of which attribute the customer choose.

There is no easy way to check how many products of different attributes in stock. You have to go into each product. If you have a lots of products it will take a lot of time. Instead it should have been a list where each product/attribut was shown:
Red T-Shirt red medium: 3
Red T-Shirt red medium: 1
instead of Red T-shirt: 4

Another thing is that you have to make 2 products for the 1st attribute, and for the 2nd attribute you can put it under each of the products.
A good way to solve this issue is to let us choose 2 attributes of a product instead of just 1.

This product is not worth 80 dollar at this version. Great improvement to this extension must be done before it works for the most of us.
Owner's reply

This component extends the current virtuemart workflow as far as adding products with different attributes is concerned. You have to add numerous child products with the original virtuemart configuration. This addon cuts that down drastically. In any inventory system whether ecommerce or physical location, seperate products MUST be added to inventory in order to crosscheck the stock PERFECTLY as you stated. That is exactly what this component does.(Separate product ids for each color, which are then grouped together on the frontend so that the customer can switch back and forth and view different colors for a given product. I am happy that you pointed out that I solved the distinct major issue this component was made for PERFECTLY. I am sorry this component was not made to solve all of virtuemart flaws. Please post in our forum and we will see what we can do to solve additional problems in the next release.