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bydanielbidala, August 21, 2014
Most of my projects I use K2 and it's good for simple projects (news, blogs, shops etc.)
I was looking for an extension for a complex project (intranet site) with special needs. I tried other CCKs before I found this and give a try.
I have to say with Cobalt there is no limit you can build everything. There are lot of field types and you can modify them to fits your needs. Create own templates for every field and for every content type is another big benefit. The support is excellent too. The only thing that I miss is a complex export/import tool. I hope in next version it will be added.
bydanielbidala, July 30, 2013
I've using k2 for several years for my projects. This is the first extension I used to add after installing joomla. The content templating is easy and there are lot of useful functions as commenting and rating system, gallery and extra fields for your items. There are tons of useful extension for it.


If you create catalog system with lots of extra fields (40+) it will dramatically slow down your site in category view. Even if you create custom template to show only few extra fields in category view. The reason of this (I think) is the way extra fields are stored in the database. All of the extra fileds for an item is stored in one database field. If you display for example only 5 extrafields from 40 for each item in category view the system will looping through all extra fields because they are stored in one database field. I tried to get help from developers but there is no answer and no solution. The extra fields would give the real power of a CCK but this way it unusable for items with lots of properties. I hope this will be fixed if so this will be the number one extension.
bydanielbidala, February 2, 2013
Compare for K2
It would be a greet extension if I get the downlaod code after payment. The contact form on developer site doesn't work and there is no contact e-mail so I can't talk to them. Now I paid for it but I'can get it. Please HELP!