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bydaniele2812, June 21, 2014
ARI Smart Book
The extension is good, only one improvement that for me complete de work its give the possibility tu take pdf file directly from folder hosting. Becouse so shoulde have a uploadind problem (upload_max_filesize for ex).

The staff told me the this improvement will be done in the next version.

The support is really really fast and good!

bydaniele2812, February 19, 2014
Media Store by ExtStore
Good and lean Extension! Work perfectly. Good the support too! Ciao!
bydaniele2812, December 31, 2013
Ji Migrator
I have tryed it for now in migration to j2.5 to j3.2. It work good...
Install it in old site and in new site (a fresh installation of joomla). Then export data from old site (it export DB in CSV), and then go in new site and do Inport it! Thats All!
bydaniele2812, December 31, 2013
For me it's ok! I had this in my old site j1.5 and now i have tested it on j3.2! work fine! Best work Staff! p.s:WORK WITH K2 TOO!!!
bydaniele2812, June 25, 2012
Easybook Reloaded
Incredible how its so powerful, complete and easy!!!! I love the system for manage the new comment by email! It's fantastic because the users that manage them, no need to enter in Joomla Administration Area, but can do it directly by email! Very Very good Work! Thanks. Ciao!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

bydaniele2812, June 22, 2012
Flexi Contact
For me it's the best component about contact system! Install, set quickly and work good! Congratulation to programmers! Ciao!
bydaniele2812, December 22, 2011
Good Extension for show any type of content! And it's good too because have many options to show them! Thanks so much!
bydaniele2812, December 17, 2011
Really nice work! Congratulation to all Staff!!! Work fine!
bydaniele2812, December 4, 2011
Chatix Chat
Just installed and work fine! Only one required to programmers for be perfect: It's possible add "audio bip" as Facebook? Thanks!
Owner's reply


Audio bip like Facebook will come in the next version :).

Best regards

bydaniele2812, September 8, 2011
I have installed the extension and my opinion is good about it. Work without problem. Only one small particolarity for my web site is that i have modified registration form on CB, and so i have had to modify the code of JFBConnect to suit it for my demands, for the rest it is ok! Ciao!
bydaniele2812, July 28, 2011
Very good Component. For me its the best too! Work really good, without any type of problem! I have learned easy to make a plugins for my others components that's I use in my site. Note: Before I have finded the component without buy it (for try it), and then, it have surprised so much, that I have buyed it too. (FOR RISPECT OF PROGRAMMER'S STAFF). I'm a correct person! Ciao!
bydaniele2812, February 2, 2011
B2 Portfolio
Just Installed and work like a charm!!!! Fast and Easy. For be perfect i think that it miss only one features: the pagination in each list! No..? Thanks much!
bydaniele2812, December 3, 2010
I am modifying easyblog for my requirements, and i can say that its is fantastic. Really a good work guys! Only one thing is that miss italian Language, and so im translating all words!!! Ufff!!! At the end of my work, i can to put on hand the Italian Traduction for who needs it. Ciao!
bydaniele2812, May 28, 2010
Good component! Rich of features! Only one negative consideration, that is little slow while it run under joomla. For the rest it's ok!