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bydankbeme, February 5, 2012
Phoca GAE
This is about as easy as it gets. Drop in your code an populate your site as needed. It allows for easy duplication per page with no conflicts at all. I would say more but no need. It works as well as a module possible can. Great work!
bydankbeme, January 24, 2012
A very powerful forum that is very easy to use, requires very little time to get working, looks great and your users will love it. At least that has been the case on my forum. I'm using version 1.7 and the integration with the latest version of JomSocial was painless.

My only wish is that the templates were modifiable from the backend when it comes to simple operations like header size. Also I wish there were more free templates to chose from but I'm sure that will come in time.

The support on the website seems quiet good and the communication is up to date from the moderators.

Nice bit of work.
bydankbeme, January 14, 2012
Just what the doctor ordered. Particularly good for forum sites that use Kunena