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bydanoshea, June 22, 2014
Simple Email Form
Went to Joomla Extensions for a simple email form creator and this one gave me exactly what I needed!
Simple set up, fast, and exactly what I needed.
Had it up and working from time of discovery to activation in less than 30 minutes.
bydanoshea, March 25, 2014
ACL Manager
I find as much as Joomla's ACL has continued to improve, the View vs. Actions, etc. especially when adding extensions can get quite confusing. I purchased ACL Manager to help me and got more than I bargained for. Just starting it I found myself cleaning up a lot of garbage on my site. Then fixed some issues on the core ACL, the...then looked into the issues of some major extensions and their permissions. This is a must have on every one of my sites now. Only thing I would like to see is a "get started" document manual instead of just jumping in and/or reading FAQ's.