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bydanotherside, June 15, 2013
I set up redshop for a client of mine who was looking for a complete yet easy ecommefce system for joomla. After the initial love for the amount of features it has, it became clear that its configuration and use isn't quite simple.
Suggested only for very complex projects where usability is tradable to features.
bydanotherside, May 11, 2013
I've used JComments in one of my recent projects, it was quite easy to set up but required a nice deal of customization to match my client's needs. Good, overall, suggested!
bydanotherside, May 11, 2013
DM Pinboard Pro
This is one of the most original extensions I've ever tried. It was easy to set up and made my client extremely useful. I've contacted support for a couple of suggesions and they where instant in answering me. Excellent!
bydanotherside, May 11, 2013
sh404sef is an extension with a long history, and I've used it for a long time. It's not extremely easy to get up to speed with it, but when you do it becomes an essential tool for you site. Simply great!
bydanotherside, April 21, 2013
DM Easy Quote
I needed a quoting system for one of my clients, I stumbled upon Dm Easy Quote and I got a copy because it seemed to be the right solution. I could set it up pretty fast, had a few questions that support answered in one working day. Now client is happy, and so am I. Overall, it is a really good quoting system, quite easy to use and complete.
bydanotherside, April 21, 2013
In my opinion the best event management extension on the market :)
bydanotherside, November 22, 2012
DM Maps for K2
I've been using DM Maps for a while, and when asked to build a K2 website I've downloaded the specific version, DM K2 Maps. It's a great extension, and the support received was simply great :)
Owner's reply

Thank you :)

bydanotherside, November 22, 2012
After spending too much time on other extensions, I've finally found the good one :) !
bydanotherside, July 27, 2012
I'm an old user of Mad4joomla and I really loved this extension, so now it deserves a good review :) it's an easy way to create forms, one of the best around, and it can still be improved in the future to be even simpler to configure.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

Please note that Proforms (Basic or Advance) is the offical follow up of Mad4Joommla.
If you like to have an improved version please use Proforms.

Anyway, we are planning a brand new version of Mad4Joomla for the new J plattforms.

bydanotherside, July 27, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
I tested Acymailing for a while, and I can say this is the best newsletter component I tried, It'simple and it really works! Great job!
bydanotherside, June 23, 2012
JCE is the premium choice for everyone who wants an easy and powerful editor for Joomla. Great!
bydanotherside, June 23, 2012
Jtag Calendar
I was really impressed by this extension. Extremely simple to configure, really nice to see, simple for administration. It's worth its price!
bydanotherside, June 23, 2012
I had experience with VM1, helping some clients to get their shop right after installing it. It was a nice product, even if the code was totally confused and not organized. I was expecting a great improvement from VM2, but I was wrong. VM2 is missing some important features (for example one pace checkout and a true reseller shopper group) and the code is amateurish: you have to be prepared to fix something to make the shop right, while the quality of the code isn't what you should expect.
Owner's reply

On one hand you say vm1 was nice, on the other hand you say vm2 is missing the one page checkout. Vm1 never had a one page checkout. Why are in the last reviews so many lies?