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bydanss2, June 20, 2013
JS Autoz
It was overwhelming at first, with whole myriad of configuration options, but sticking with going through and learning it all - pays off! I'm in the process of making a site for a motorcycle shop/dealership, and this extension helps!
Great component, thank you!
bydanss2, March 4, 2013
But just as previously mentioned - it would be a lot better suited for the job if it would be a PLUGIN and not a module. I've already mentioned it on their support KB discussions about a year ago, but as you all can see, it is still a module. It almost seams like their devs do not understand the difference between module and plugin in Joomla world...
Plus, for some odd reason in my case it misses a lot of IPs and still shows them as CF's ones and not actual visitors's(about this also were talking at their support about same time ago).
Owner's reply

Hi Danns - we pushed an update today that converts this into a Joomla! plugin and updates our IP ranges. Should resolve the issues you mentioned.

bydanss2, April 8, 2012
Page Peel Banner
Easy install and configure!
Works great!
Thank you
bydanss2, April 3, 2012
CatPro for VirtueMart
This module is very nice one (as all other ones these guys have developed that I have tried), but when it comes to support...
Don't get me wrong, the problem gets taken care of, but there is no communication in the process. This, IMHO is not a good practice - to have your customer hanging for a wheek with no reply to multiple messages before the solution is presented...
Now, if that would be a community forum - sure, it would be understandable... But when you use personal aproach by utilizing support ticket system to take care of issues - not a good practice to not answer for such a long periods of time...
Otherwise, again - the extention is very nice and easy to install and configure.
bydanss2, March 31, 2012
Insert Article by ID
I do not understand why this module has less then 5 star rating...
Anywhay, this is exactly what I was looking for! Compare to ArticlesAnywhere - very simple, no "coding" necessary, and I got it running within seconds after installation!
Thank you :-)
bydanss2, December 20, 2011
Since day one I had no problems with this component - integration or ongoing.
By now, I've been using it almost 2 years.
Integrates with other components in a snap! Originally I had LyftenBloggie on my site and used it's own comment system, which is not bad, but I wanted to make it so I can manage ALL comments from whole site in one place. JComments imported LB comments with no issues at all!
Plus, support is just great! I am in the process of rearranging my whole site and will move away from using LB all together, so again, support is amazing!
Thank you, Smart!!