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bydare2audition, June 12, 2011
JoomBah Jobs
I am using the 1.23 beta version and I cannot fault this component or its support. Its a delight to use as a business owner. I am not a developer, yet I was able to easily integrate this into joomla and jomsocial, having never used Joomla before. And that's amazing!!

Any issues and the developer has provided me a solution within hours of my post, during their business hours and provided in a way that I can easy edit the code having never done this before.

I have tested all other job solutions for joomla and non joomla ones, and nothing comes close to meeting my requirements as an already established professional job service for the film & TV industry.

If you are building a professional system, then the very minimal cost for this component of $110 for 1 years support is not worth mentioning. (you can buy 3 mths)I would not want a component of this calibre to be free, as it needs to be supported. it is growing in functions and if its free the developer could not support it at the rate they do.

Thank you for providing such an advanced, yet easy to use system.
bydare2audition, June 12, 2011
I found this component very easy to install, configure and use. It allows us to reward our members for recommending new users, adding photos, applying for jobs and many other uses. with a plug in I found it extends further to allow users to cash in points for cash via paypal. Which is a great way to encourage user actions.

Initially I did not think it met my needs as I did not want points for joomla articles,but when taking the time to look on the Alphaplug site, I found all of the extensions to expand the points, almost all free. I used jomsocial, and there are many other extensions to work with this component.
(including virtuemart) On installing the JS part all the relevant JS actions were available to add points to. Add photo, add video, make contact (friend)etc.

I will be looking to extend this further to work with another excellent component joombah (recruitment) so points are rewarded for upgrading to paid memberships, applying for jobs or posting jobs.

I am not a developer and have never put together a CMS before, although it took me quite a few months researching and testing components for my unique yet robust site.

I have to thank the whole Joomla community for their support. I have found the developers of extensions (mainly commercial)far outweigh my expectations in regards of product and support. I have used mainly purchased extensions but they are a gift at the price they charge and I have been happy to pay as the support has been worth 1000 times more than the small cost for the extension, which would cost me a fortune to have customized.

Thank you to all the wonderful developers that use this CMS.
XiUS for JomSocial
Fantastic, that is about the most accurate word I can find, apart from clever, helpful, prompt, professional, polite and willing.

This team is by far the best joomla 3rd party development team I have found. I only use paid components, due to the commercial nature of my business. Joomlaxi have developed top quality professional components, which have allowed me to use jomsocial as a commercial tool, within the film and television industry. I could not have done it without their extensions, as they had the important keys to make jomsocial a professional tool for creating custom rules and profile types. There extensions are easy to use with simple explanations and instructions. I have used everyone of their components and I wished they made everything I needed as I would buy their extensions above anyone else's.

Support is excellent and is usually within a couple of hours, and they work 6 days a week. They jump online and have a look and fix the issue, which has always been something I have configured incorrectly or another component that changed something usually a javascript issue caused from my themes modules. My theme developer although I paid $300 has been absolutely useless as far as support goes, there isnt any, only criticism of how the support was requested. So I feel these guys have well and truly picked up the slack and I cannot thank them enough for their support and assistance.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I lost my developer midway on having a new site built for my online business. With assistance from joomlaxi and jomsocial I have been able to create a site myself and I have never done this before, which I was quoted $35,000 to develop using joomla.

Thank you Manish & Sonilika
bydare2audition, November 9, 2010
Admin Tools
This is the easiest admin tool I have tried. I am new to joomla and not a web developer and so I felt I needed a little help to make things easier. I did try a couple other ones, which were also good, but this one does what I needed 3 other extensions to do.

Thank you very much I definitely will check out other software from this developer as it is easy to use easy to configure and just works.

highly recommended. I would be happy to pay for this software.