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bydarkestweb, October 28, 2010
I've been using Joomstats for a long time on many sites. Recently one of my clients began to see odd things in their Joomstats reports. I began looking for a replacement, oddly there weren't many. I found j4Age and was very glad to find that it was a fork of Joomstats and greatly improved. This was the first site I upgraded to j4age and me and my client were very impressed. All the things that should have been done to Joomstats in the past have either already been addressed with j4age or are planned to be. I've had no problems with this application and have upgraded many of my other sites even though they were not having the same issues. All of my clients have been very thankfull for the upgrade. Keep up the good work guys.
bydarkestweb, March 17, 2010
Event Registration Pro
I bought this for use on a Non-Profit track and field clubs site. While it can be a bit daunting when setting up the events, this is because it has so many features. Once you aquaint yourself with how to use the product you will find it to be quite useful. I had problems at the beginning with it working with a 1.5 install. Support immediately told me to upgrade to 1.5.15 Joomla, and immediately after doing that it worked great. I had a couple of other problems and support was very responsive and got on my server and made the changes needed to resolve my problems within one day. My experience with this product and their staff has been great. The Track and Field club love it as their registration forms are complicated and this was the only event registration program I found that could accomodate their needs. Thumbs up!
This product worked great straight out of the box with one exception. I was finding extra commas, quotes, single quotes, etc. in my keywords metatag, I made the following change to resolve this and it took care of it.

in plugins/system

Edit MetaGenerator.php

Find the line
$keywords .= $word . ", ";

ad this line just above the one you just found
$word = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9]/","",$word);

After that you will have no "special characters" in your keywords that would throw a SE off.

Thanks for a great plugin!
Owner's reply

And...if you have special characters in your language?
My sites are in spanish and you code makes ñ,á,é,etc disapears. But I'm happy you've found the best way for you.
Thanks for your review.