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bydarkhelmet, May 4, 2008
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Akeeba Backup
PROS: This works better than anything available, commercial or otherwise. For you folks struggling to get your XAMPP created Web site onto a remote server, this is your ticket to Easy Street! The backend control panel is minimalistic and to the point, which is the way it should be. Be sure to download the latest PDF manual - the step-by-step instructions are only necessary the first few times you use JoomlaPack.

While JoomlaCloner is decent enough, it fell short horribly when I wanted to 'clone' a client's locally created site - it could not configure the new SQL database properly. I resigned myself to either dragging modified CSS and PHP files from the local server to the FTP server, or creating the site from scratch on the remote server.

CONS: The ONLY feature I miss is the ability to exclude individual files and components from the backup process. If the developer includes this in a future version, JoomlaPack would be complete!
Owner's reply

Please request those features on the feature request board where they will receive more attention.