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bydas20000, October 31, 2012
I tried Virtual Mart and always went through countless hours prepping it. and was still never satisfied.

Just tried Hikashop and 3 days later (might I add I was on experimental usage) and this afternoon got fully engrossed. I've set up most of my options, set up categories, associate the necessary modules... am so happy. And av not yet even asked for assistance....

I recommend this for anybody aiming to get ecommerce application within Joomla. Adding payment gateways is even easier than HTML!!

I'm going Pro soon. Thanks alot to the Hikari team.
bydas20000, February 3, 2012
JCH Optimize
I've been using joomla and building sites for Clients for 3 years. Now doing a magazine type blog and page load speed was a top priority. I tried SEO techniques, combining my CSS, manually editing the templates to have javascript defered but all proved just not good enough.

Tried JCH, and wow!!! WOW!!! At first site went off and had to get my browser dns and got hosting staff to clear server dns, then started to add settings one at a time.

Am now down to 0.43 secs from initially 18secs!!!

I give this plugin a No. 1 rating in joomla 'To haves'

Thanks to the developer