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bydaszeichen, September 14, 2012
DT Register
The extension is pretty good. It has a lot of features, but is a bit overwhelming for inexperienced (frontend) users. There are some drawbacks you have to know, if you want to use this extension:
- Although it is possible to strip down the frontend editing forms, you have to pay attention which tabs you are going to remove as some tabs are absolutely necessary for the use of DTRegister. And this then needs a lot of training for inexperienced clients (speak users).
- The major blow is, that this extension is ABSOLUTELY not multilanguage capable. Although you can use it in any single language environment you can think of, you will never be able to use it on a multilanguage site. (I am only speaking for the proper J2.5 multilanguage setting, as there is no need for joomfish anymore in J2.5). So be warned if you are going to use this extension in a multilanguage setting!

If the above points do not concern you, then it is absolutely the right choice: very nice, and feature-rich registration extension, easily configurable, and template overrides available for every single view!
Owner's reply

1) You can modify layout of any page, you just can't remove vital sections of code :)

2) Multi-language support is now included in DT Register with Falang integration!

bydaszeichen, May 21, 2010
This is one of the must haves for any decent Joomla! installation. It makes life of editors and designers so easy, and finally it is possible to have many different page types within one site without going through the troubles of defining multiple standard-joomla-templates! Congratulations to this super powerful extension, and I wish it will be included in the core of Joomla! very soon!
bydaszeichen, June 8, 2009
My client needed a little shop solution on his site for approx. 20+ products. The SimpleCaddy made the deal and because there are just the features you really need for a simple shop, I was able to set up the entire shop and instruct the client within a short time.
The shop has a few issues, but those could be sorted out with the quick and helpful support of the author.
I think the idea of having a plugin that snaps products to articles is very efficient and a very reliable way to integrate the shop into an existing content structure. Very well done.