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bydatawebusa, November 18, 2007
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Mosets Tree
I bought this item ($119) plus ZCS (ZipCodeShop) ($99) and imported a list of 30,000 nationwide service providers. Now when people go to my site, they can enter their ZIP code and see list of nearby service providers. The visitor can click on a service providers link and see additional content (which I control) such as rating and reviews, a Google map, address & phone, images, logos, etc. Some providers have their own website so I provide a link to their site from my directory. I can tag certain providers as "Featured" which puts them at the top of the search results page in its own hi-lighted box. Service providers can be granted access to maintain and update their own listing in my directory. This is done using the native joomla authentication system. The service provider simply registers and I grant him ownership of a particular listing. I also force visitors to register before reviewing or rating a service provider. But the truth is, I only bought this item because ZCS required it and I needed the ZIP-code based search. For my next directory project I will at least evaluate SOBI2 as it's free (sans a small donation). But I wouldn't feel bad about paying $119 for MOSETS Tree again if I need to. It is ROBUST in every sense of the word.