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bydav1eb, June 6, 2010
ARI Image SlideShow
I was looking for an extension to allow a slideshow to be created from Flickr and all the other free options on here didn't work how I wanted them to (mainly I didn't want them to be clickable and go to Flickr). I decided to give this one a go after looking at the demo. Initially, the extension didn't work for me but a quick message on the support forum and the ARI Soft team fixed it. Only then did the big problem for me appear. The extension doesn't retain the original image format and resizes the images to fit the box. For example, if you make the box 500px by 300px, every image will appear at that size and shape, no matter what it's dimensions are. For this to work you need to have all the images you show be close enough to the size you make the box and you can't mix portrait and landscape formats.

ARI Soft did try to add this functionality after I brought it to their attention but were unable to at the moment, and following on the excellent customer service they have already shown, refunded the cost of the extension when it became clear that it was not suitable for me.

If they do manage to sort the resizing problem, I'll be straight back as everything else about the extension is spot on. Until then, my search continues.