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bydavcaddo, October 13, 2013
Custom CSS
This extension is one of the few extensions i have to install first anytime i start a new Joomla project, easy to use, reliable, bug-free and best of all it is FREE. If you want to have control of how your template and other extensions look and feel, this is the extension for you. I will like to thank the developer for making this extension and better giving it for free
Phoca Download
I will say three things about this extension.
1) Multi-Purpose Component.
2) Excellent Graphic User Interface (GUI),
3) Extremely Simple to setup and Use.
4) Comprehensive Documentation and Support.
I was looking for component for ringtones download for my site, and i was surprise the "Audio Player and Gallery" extensions does not have a single extension close to what i wanted so a friend recommended Phoca Download to me, at first i was not actually interested because i want my users to test the audio first (play) before downloading, and his responds was "it will take you a maximum of 15 minutes to set up and test so just try it" and i must confess it took me around 9 to 12 minutes if i guess right, and "Phoca Download" is 99.99999% of what i want. Honestly i was surprise a file download component can come with an audio player for previewing.

If you are developing a simple file sharing site to a complex file eCommerce site I will advice you to look no further. what amazes me most is it is COMPLETELY FREE with a comprehensive documentation and prompt support which most of the commercial extensions dont even offer.

I have even recommended him to add Showcase to his forum where people can exhibit what they have been able to achieve with such great, free and excellent component.
I will say thank you to the developer.
Maxi Menu CK
So far the best and the most excellent menu extension ever. once you familiarize yourself with it, it becomes very easy to use and set up, even without the plugin. and it works perfectly.
as for support, i can only say outstanding, he provide support better than some paid extensions and takes his time to answer every question.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)
Yes I try to help for each question, even if this is not always easy ...

bydavcaddo, September 1, 2012
BT Content Slider
I would not ask for more than this for a free extension. the developers at BT really understand what it is to use components and modules as an ordinary person. i always have confidence in their components.
Thank you guys
bydavcaddo, July 21, 2012
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BT Login
I wish joomla can allow six or seven stars like would have given it to this extension.

1 it is very simple to implement
2. have NOT seen any conflict with other extensions
3 even with its simplicity, tutorial and guild are very simple to understand and follow
4 good presentation on the administrator side