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bydave.savill, August 14, 2013
I often forget to leave feedback for Components but I felt i needed to for this one just to say how much of a powerful tool this is for blogging and so user friendly aswell

I think its a little unfair that someone gave it 1 star for a mistake which they made (and i believe EasyBlog helped them out with it too) but there you go!

this has more Components which are compatible with it and its easy to integrate with social media sites

this has to simply be the best blogging tool for Joomla out there i'd be very surprised if anyone found anything better...
bydave.savill, January 24, 2013
this is is so simple however a little complicated to install but the support is fantastic!

once you're set up its easy to pick up speed and get everything sorted and selling Photos in no time! with a nice display!

my only changes (for any future updates) would be a slightly nicer looking shopping cart, and instead of a write up on how to install the software maybe a few videos on how to install it instead, i found 3 on YouTube but they're all on older versions of the software so irrelevant.

but really great peace of kit! very nice work i highly recommend it to anybody
bydave.savill, June 27, 2011
Simple Image Holder
Does exactly what i needed it to do for my photography website, simply holds photos in place! (and does much more if you want it to)

the producer was also kind enough to help me in my blonde moments via email.

so great product and great service!