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bydavebrown, June 30, 2014
I purchased the component and found that it did not display correctly with the template I was using. A ticket was submitted, Ionut spotted what the problem was and requested FTP details then sorted the problem out without any hesitation.

His support is excellent and I wish him well with the component, which is actually much better than the description - everything a simple booking system should do and more.
bydavebrown, May 20, 2013
Helpdesk Pro
After trying an "all-singing all-dancing" component I eventually gave up trying to configure it and bought this one - it is worth the modest price and much, much more.

The component is easy to configure (great when you are up against a deadline) and it works out of the box.

Excellent, I have used other components by this developer and should not have hesitated to buy this component.

In all honesty the best thing about this component is that it is only a ticketing system, it does not pretend to do anything else and if you are looking for a ticketing system that works then look no further.
bydavebrown, April 6, 2011
Event Booking
I have tried a few event booking systems but Event Booking outshines the rest by far. It is very simple to install and configure but the real beauty of this component is the way it is written - it is so well commented and constructed that anyone with a modicum of php knowledge can easily alter it to suit their particular needs.

A slight issue when I had forgot to change an email address and during testing Tuan was inadvertantly sent a sum of money was sorted out very quickly and without fuss.

A perfect component and great support!!
bydavebrown, July 19, 2010
I purchased the component a few days ago and it is excellent. There was no trouble installing or configuring it. I did have a slight display problem with the pop ups (only in Google Chrome) and asked about it - the reply was almost instant and it is being resolved.

This component is so easy to operate and capable of doing so much that I can only take my hat off to these guys, but more importantly, I have the confidence to know that any query will be dealt with quickly (this makes a huge difference as to whether I make any further purchases from a company).