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bydaveburstein, July 14, 2014
I've created a site starter with Joomla, JCE, XMAP, my article and configuration settings and my preferred Bootstrap Joomla templates (Joostrap, Joomlart), a few google fonts etc. It's a real timesaver - I can have a robust site up and running, ready for articles, in less than 15 minutes. I used upload my master, use Akeeba Kickstart to install, and go to work.
Rather than adding all the functions I wanted to three sites I was redesigning,I set up new masters to save time. I used J2XML to bring over the articles and FTP'd the image files.

It worked flawlessly and saved me a great deal of time.
Dave Burstein
bydaveburstein, November 20, 2013
I stopped by the extensions directory to put a excellent rating on Easyblog because the quality of support and ease of use of their site is particularly outstanding and this is a way to say thanks. Without that support level, I would only rate this as good. There's an incredible amount of power in Easyblog but they haven't solved the problem of having so many features and still being easy to use. The result is a longer learning curve than many people will be happy with. But their support makes up for a lot of that.

Essentially I'm saying that they added so much the name isn't appropriate any more. If you need power, great software. If you want truly easy software, perhaps disappointing.
bydaveburstein, August 20, 2013
WDS Twitter Widget
Did the job quickly and easily. Pacticularly helpful with simple instructions how to sing up for the (necessary) twitter API
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, please also note that we have a support forum also here:

bydaveburstein, August 13, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I've now used Akeeba a dozen times, including moving two sites today to a new host. Once I learned how to do it, it's remarkably easy and smooth. Do use their kickstart utility; remember after you finish the restore the "cleanup" button may be in a different window of your browser.

I was inspired to write the review, however, because of the quality of the documentation. Twice, looking for a problem that wasn't Akeeba-related, Google pointed me to a page on the Akeeba site that solved frustrating Joomla problems for me. There's an enormous amount of valuable information in the documentation and support files, useful for Akeeba and in other parts of Joomla as well.
bydaveburstein, May 19, 2013
SP Upgrade
I was having a problem with remote access to my database that was interfering with the normal use of this programs. I asked for help and got a through answer within minutes with two sensible workarounds.

Given that this was all at 2 am Sunday morning in NY, which was probably 8 am where the author is, that counts as exceptional service well worth the price.
Dave Burstein
Load module into article
Developer is clear you can't use it twice on the same page without problems. I did that accidentally by calling the same article twice and tore my hair out for an hour finding my problem.

Very simple: install, enable plugin, and insert single line of code.
bydaveburstein, March 19, 2012
Chronoforms is obviously powerful and for the experienced user is probably a superb tool. I was called in to help a colleague who wasn't able to make some key features work. I had done a simple form in Chronoforms but became repeatedly frustrated trying to do more. For example, my form didn't even display until I realized I had to add an action in a not obvious place. It should have defaulted to displaying, nearly always desired. The FAQs had suggestions about how to use the Mambot and should have been updated by now. I wasted enough hours I almost gave an even lower rating.

It needs a far more comprehensive tutorial and far clearer documentation. I switched the project to Breezing Forms and found the program logic much easier to follow, the tutorials covered more of what I needed. I accomplished more in about 90 minutes on Breezing Forms than on about 5 hours puzzling out Chronoforms.
Owner's reply

Hi Dave,

You have mentioned one of the most basic stuff of Chronoforms, it may not be so clear but this is for good reasons, however:

#1- There is an "Easy wizard mode" to use, why did you try to use the advanced one if this is your first experience with the extension ?

#2- We have a "Tutorials" section on the website to browse which explains the basic stuff.

#3- You can search our huge forums (or even post a new topic and you should get an answer ASAP).

#4- You can google "Chronoforms V4 Tutorials".

#5- Search for "Chronoforms" this on YouTube!!!

#6- Or maybe contact me through the "Contact Us" page to get the answer ?


bydaveburstein, April 10, 2011
Worked like a charm. Simply install, choose one of dozens of fonts from a pulldown, and list the css code you want to change (like h1,h3). Google is rapidly adding more fonts and downloads them fast. Absolutely worth trying.
bydaveburstein, December 25, 2010
My colleague asked me to find a really powerful menu tool that would allow her project to stand out. (under construction, but the menu is working.)

Just what we needed, with all the facilities for a designer who wanted to get things "just so." Given how much it does, not overly complicated to use. If I had more time to write, I'd be adding some more enthusiastic comments.