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bydavec, November 4, 2009
I have used VM on and off now for some time with various sites and have to say overall for me anyway that it installs and runs without to many major problems. Reading the help doc explains pretty much everything and for msot people getting your store online should be a good experience. As pointed out postage seems to be a bit of a nightmare to sort.

But the biggest problem to me now seems to be that questions are not being answered on the forums by the developers. I realise it is open source and people dedicate time to it but it did seem to have so much promise. Not getting answers gives the impression at least that the project is not very active!

For me duplication of images is a major issue especially when you are talking 900 images. An ongoing issue that still is not resolved and one which could have a major impact on someones hosting account.

Customisation of certain areas is not always to straight forward either.

The product overall does the job but I do not feel I can't give to higher mark based on the points raised above.
bydavec, July 1, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
I have used this plug-in on one or two sites which were mainly Joomla 1.0. without any problems. I have now tried it and cannot get it to work in 1.5.11. I have checked the forums and the question has been raised but no answer is forthcoming.

Based on past experience a good product which is simple to use, hopefully the apparent issue in 1.5.11 etc can be addressed/answered fully on the forum.