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bydavegas666, May 19, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
I was so impressed.

Top stufff this - well worth the money.
bydavegas666, May 19, 2009
Right. This is a freebie. The guy who wrote this does not expect "This doesn't work" or "Couldn't get it working" and then give it a crap rating.

Well for me, it does what it says on the tin.

I am no Joomla guru but know a bit about SQL and had v1.6(ish) installed.

Removed v1.6 but couldn't install the plug in. Went into MySQL and deleted the entry from the plugin table .

Installed OK in the end.

Then had issues with the custom forms..Because my text length was too long. Change from Varchar to text in MySQL and voila.

How did I know this? By looking in the forum regarding SimpleCaddy.

Don't just come on here and say it doesn't work! It does. I have one or two problems but these are some sort of css/php problem but on the whole, the product does what it says on the tim.

Doing some M$ exams a while ago I received some good advice - Read the f+++ing Instructions - RTFQ!!! Those words are still true today.

Many thanks for this product from the UK!