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bydavesause, September 12, 2010
Payment Form
This is an amazing extension and well worth the less than $20 price (since you can use it as many times as you need). It's simple and straightforward, and when coupled with Pay Pal, a breeze for anyone to register for events and collect fees. No sensitive information is communicated, so no SSL required - that's all on the Pay Pal part. Option to pay offline, perfect for a small club or non-profit. My first 'commercial' extension, and so worth it!
bydavesause, August 20, 2010
Very Simple Image Gallery
I had difficulty with Simple Image Gallery, the thumbnails wouldn't show ... but this extension is sweet! It installed like a dream and worked right out of the box. There are tons of parameters to split the photos into sets, add captions, vary display size, whatever - and the main plug in has the link to the needed documentation. It resizes the photos automatically to generate correct main photo and thumbnail. One would think it's a downgrade from Simple Image Gallery ... but to me it's an upgrade. This one works, and works great. It was just what I needed.