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bydavidc2p, August 3, 2011
This was the kind of gallery I was looking for, It's very easy to set up.

You just create a module, link it to a folder with images, and that's it. You can even provide images description and external links as long as you provide a details.txt file in that same folder.

I have detected some minor problems, related or not to that extension. For instance, many large images will leave your page blank. I had to resize them. I also had a problem with the zoom factor, the 0 value was still zooming the pic, but the resize I made previously made that problem disappear.

Some improvement in adding new functionality might also be included, provided it doesn't collide with the philosophy the owners are trying to implement, such as creating thumb categories, to display several sets of images on the same module.

This is however a very good extension, a must to have on your site!