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bydaviddavid, May 15, 2014
I don't understand all those happy people speaking about this editor. It is stripping out pieces of code. Pasting into your code it's own nonsenses. No settings helps in editor parameters, nor in joomla backend. When You consider, that this is for client, which is non-programmer, and not for You - developer, usability of this editor is very small. Joomla needs editor for people, which has not technical skills, and with good user experience.
BTW: This is the only bad rewiew, that I wrote.
bydaviddavid, April 15, 2014
... whenever you have some javascripts, and you want to get your webpage faster to client's device. Only thing, that i don't know, is how to use excluding option of specific files in plugin configuration.
bydaviddavid, April 15, 2014
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
comparison method of unsetting mootools in index.php, this is much, much better. Because it is more than likely, that once you realize, that you need mootools on some site. And then you can allow it only for that particular site with Enabler/Disabler.
bydaviddavid, April 14, 2014
BT Social Sharing
This guys, which created this extension are aces. They provided videotutorial, all possible options in configuration, in frontend it reacts on language switching ...great!
bydaviddavid, April 11, 2014
Article Tool
E-mal button is reacting o right-click and for hover as well, which is unneeded. Pdf doesn't support diacritic. You can not change icons.