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bydaviddmf, November 19, 2013
With around 10k of 404 errors accrued over the years it makes perfect sense to install dynamic 404 and set it to automatic url redirect. This means that instead of a visitor landing on an unsightly 404 page it lands on a page with matched relevancy. Thank you for your support and quick response to my forum posts and emails.
bydaviddmf, September 11, 2012
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A big Merci to you Stephane for giving me prompt support even though my support subscription plan had already expired. This is a very useful component and will serve my client well for switching from English to Danish. Thank you
bydaviddmf, September 11, 2012
Art Universal Lightbox
The beauty of this component is in its simplicity. The support is second to none and I received their professional support within seconds. The issue was placing the (=) sign after the actual image jpg. I did not understand that one has to create a txt file within the stories/image directory with formula:
image1.jpg=your description.
Then if you want to disable the text beneath the image just select 'show caption' no

Thank you for this free component!
bydaviddmf, June 24, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
I am using ARI Soft's free menu ARI Ext Menu on my community site.
I can honestly say I tried at least 5 other menu extensions all of which had various problems. Either centering issues, lack of functionality, wrong 'look' wrong 'feel' and so on.
However as I was about to give up I tried the ARI Ext menu half expecting it to be problematic just like the other menu extensions, but with ARI Soft's super rapid response to my email queries
providing expert css styles, they literally helped me taylor their module to my site in a matter of minutes. And the advantage is that
the extra css styles can be added to the module parameters in the module itself. And I just wish I could give you the URL of my site for you to see how nice it is for your selves. You can modify colours, text colour background colour, drop down colour and text colour etc. It is truly an exceptional menu extension and am very surprised that it is totally free. I would highly recommend
using any of ARI Soft's extensions and I am about to install their Quiz extension too and will certainly use their services when I have
custom css work to do on my site.

Thank you ARI Soft team.
bydaviddmf, May 21, 2011
BookLibrary Basic
After much searching the Ordasoft Book Library Pro component along with supporting modules is exactly what I needed and is money well spent. The support is first class and response time very quick. I had a few minor teething problems due to my joomla settings and they were sorted out very quickly. Thank you for a great component.
bydaviddmf, September 22, 2010
Phoca Documentation
A massive thanks to phoca devs. I tried every other component and module for displaying joomla articles categories and sections and was thoroughly disappointed. Some modules nothing would appear. Sectionx only shows categories and not sections and they charge for the component. Alphacontent is full of bugs and here we are why I didn't try phoca earlier I am still scratching my head but it works so smoothly out of the box I will make a donation for this as it is worth it. Thanks again for a really impressive product.
bydaviddmf, September 4, 2010
I would like to point out an important issue with Jefaq pro for anyone who is thinking of buying this component.

I am working with joomla 1.5.20 (current latest version) and also have Kunena forum 1.6 C2 versions installed.

In my opinion the component is one of the better looking ones on the market and is worth the investment especially as the support is really first class and the developers are really friendly, but back to the issue which may force me to abandon this FAQ component for a simpler one.

For Kunena to work effectively it needs a plugin called system-mootools upgrade (current v 1.2.4) and this plugin needs to enabled. I am not entirely sure but I think it controls the Kunena BBcode editor tools and smilies.
The main porblem is that if this plugin is enabled it prevents non registered site visitors from viewing the FAQ's so members have to register on my site in order to view my FAQ's using JEFAQPro.
The developer thankfully found the issue with the plugin and when disabled the FAQ's work fine.
I hope the developer will find a workaround in order for me to keep the mootool upgrade plugin enabled and also to allow site visitors to view my FAQ's using their component.

Obviously if you are not using Kunena then there is nothing to worry about.

Anyhow thumbs up to the developer they are intent on creating the best FAQ component on the market and I think they will eventually achieve their aims.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for all the supporters who are all raise this problem.Finally, We have solved the problem with "system-mootools upgrade" plugin in our latest version. So please download our latest version and upgrade it. It will work perfectly in all the major browsers, we enable or disable "System-Mootools Upgrade" Plugin