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Popin Window
I rarely bother to give bad reviews but this one takes the cake. Especially when you have to pay for it. I gave them every chance to help me out with the problems of this plug which are many. Including, popping up behind my articles, icon for closing the popup not working in mozilla, unable to have it open at the top formatting of images/text nor working and more.

So, as they suggested, I posted in their forum for help. Nothing, happened. So I emailed someone a week or so later. I can't remember if I got an immediate response within a day or so that someone would look into it and then nothing. I emailed a month later and still nothing from anyone to help me.

I downloaded Moo Popup and it worked like a charm. Sorry guys, but you all really need to support something that you ask people to pay you something for it.
bydaviddurick, November 5, 2010
Facebook Social Comments
Wow, probably the easiest plugin I've ever installed and it works wonderfully with easy to use controls. Wish every plugin could be this easy and robust!
bydaviddurick, December 27, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Love it! I installed and was up and using it in minutes. Works great as I needed something more robust than what was native in Joomla 1.5. I wanted to have one singl RSS feed for several sections for a recipe site I have and this did the trick. Then I could setup feedburner and have it point to just one Feed url that this created. Only problem I noticed was after setting up my feed, it didn't seem to save any changes when you go in and make changes. Will submit to their support forum as maybe I missed something.
Owner's reply

Hi David,

Th reason you aren't seeing any changes is because of the cache. Set your cache to 0 and refresh the feed and it should change.

We will putting some code to refresh the cache whenever the feed information is changed in a future version.