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bydavidengle, April 10, 2009
I've used Artio off and on, as well as arch-competitor sh404, without delving much into the success or failure of the many extensions that each offers in support of other major components. So, I am no expert.

I just write this review as a service to those new to using these SEO components. By now most probably realize that the setup can be tricky.

ON that point I wish to note that recently I installed the latest sh404 native for 1.5.x. An impressive-looking component, one I am anxious to dip my toe into, cautiously. Upon installing and attempting configuration, I was greeted with instructions on .htaccess configuration which are clearly describing and earlier-generation .htaccess file. So, the instructions regarding commenting-out and commenting-in no longer apply. The new 1.5.x .htaccess file looks like it has improved on this SEO compatibility with 3rd party extensions. I'm just guessing, as I've found no documentation from anyone regarding how to set (or ignore) the .htaccess for the newest version. As I said, the instructions--although very clear and helpful, for their day--pertain to an earlier version.

A link to the 'Wiki Documentation' which is flagged as 'NEW' is no help either, as it simply links to more old info at the Author's site.

All of this pertains to sh404.

Now, let's look at competitor ARtio...

First, the developer's download link to the newest version actually links to an earlier one. I've not received an answer on this yet (but it is Easter weekend as I write, so I'll be patient.)

Second -- and the main reason why I'm writing this review -- anyone who wants to try ARtio, whatever version, should be forewarned regarding complete incompatibility with sh404 previous installations, even if you THOUGHT you had uninstalled.

I will let this Forum post speak for itself:


a lot of questions in these forums are related to:
After installing JoomSEF, there are SQL queries visible over my page, why is that?
or other problems, that have however the same cause - previous installation of sh404sef.

Please make sure that if you had sh404sef installed previously in your Joomla site, that after uninstalling it, also all its DB tables were removed successfully, especially the jos_redirection table.

These components - JoomSEF and sh404sef use the table with the same name, however, there are not fully compatible, so JoomSEF cannot write to jos_redirection table created by sh404sef and that leads to many error, often hiddeous ones.

Also note that sh404sef does NOT clean its table on uninstall by default, so you will most probably to do this manually.

The process to follow is:

Uninstall JoomSEF (if already installed)

Check your database using a DB tool such as phpMyAdmin and check if table jos_redirection exists. Please, note that other table prefix than jos_ may be used, this depends on your DB + Joomla configuration. If it exists, delete it. If other sh404sef tables also exist, you may delete them as well, but the other tables are not conflicting with JoomSEF, so it does not matter if thet stay in your DB.

Reinstall JoomSEF

The word 'hiddeous' [sic] pretty well says it all.

Just a word to the wise... don't assume that the components can co-exist or that they fully uninstall. These are points that should be made more prominent.
bydavidengle, June 26, 2007
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
A superb program for which I gladly paid $100, just on the strength of the product description alone. It works fine. What you get for $100 is hand-holding support. And this too is top-rate. Can't imagine anyone investing countless hrs in site development without first having a solid backup and migrating utility like this.

before purchase, I did a few hrs research into other backup solutions. Nothing else looked comparable.

If you use this, the first time you do a clone (i.e. to move an entire site to a new host), you will want to prepare a checklist of items needed, like host setup parameters, directory structures, permissions, mysql info. Variables among hosting setups make the clone process less than 'automatic.' Support is solid, so no worry.