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bydavidgblackburn, June 23, 2012
I wish I could put in ten stars! This plug-in works perfectly for canonicals!!! When I converted to 2.5, I changed my navivigation and lost my inbound links. So I recreated an unpublished menu for the hidden pages to recreate the old pages, which gave me duplicates in search. The plug-in was easily installed and HAS PERFECT CANONICALIZATION FOR JOOMLA 2.5!!! Thank you very, very much!
bydavidgblackburn, May 22, 2012
This is awesome! I followed the video at CMS Teachings and got it set up very quickly. It did not pick up submenus, so I created a new menu for all categories and added it. Google and Bing both seem to like it. I can't believe I won't have to deal with sitemaps anymore!
bydavidgblackburn, April 1, 2011
Facebook Like Button
I'm been messing around with other plug-ins and modules for several hours to get a simple like button. This one was up and running within 60 seconds! I do have to add it to each article, but that's easy enough.