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bydavidmanvell, July 31, 2009
RSS Browser
Well it works and it's free so you can't complain too much but it does have some design issues.

Load the module, assign it a position, type in the rss feed URL address and refresh your page and it's there. A small list or table of contents of the various feed topics. So far so good.

The feed contents shows in 1 of two different ways:

1. If you activate mouseover tooltips the contents of the feed are displayed in a tooltip. very nice. Really nice actually. Except for two things. One the font size was really small and made it hard to read. Need to add an option to increase the tooltip font size. Two the news feeds I was reading had a lot of text. So much that the tooltip was about twice the height of the size of my monitor so the top half of the feed was always cut off.

To the author. Add to your feed list and see what I mean. Look at the feed titled 'Serious Fun: AION Voiceover localization' July 30th, 2009. What i recommend is for large feeds like that you allow the tooltip tex box to be wider so all the text can fit into the tooltip. Also make the font size bigger as well or at least the option for it.

2. If you click on the feed topic it opens up a browser window which you can set the size of it. The browser window just shows the entire website the news feed is being sent from. It's a bit slow to scroll around on and if the window is not large enough you may have to scroll around within that window to see the actual news feed. It would be best if you could just make the actual feed text the only thing in that window. Do that and it would be perfect.
Owner's reply

This review is partly wrong, partly incompetent.

1. The size of the tooltip font is - off course - as well controlled by your css ! Everybody building web sites should know this.
The text shown in tooltips can be controlled by the backend, you don't have to display the complete news text in the tooltip, off course.
2. The modal window does NOT show the entire website the feed is being sent from, only the feed header is linked with the source site (you may disable the display of feed headers, if you don't like it). The feeds themselves are linked with the url provided by the feed itself, off course. Everything else would be nonsense.

bydavidmanvell, July 27, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
1. Load the module in
2. Assign the module a position
3. Upload some .mp3 songs to a directory on your server.
4. Type in the full path to the songs e.i.
5. Type in the file names of the songs you want to play with a | between them.
6. Type in the names of the songs you want to play with a | between them.
7. Turn on/off auto-start, loop, shuffle.
8. Type in the colors you want for each part of the UI.
9. Adjust the sizes of the various UI elements.

The good:

Easy to configure for the most part.
Small in size. Will configure for 1 song or multi song.
Plays songs in the background with a full set of play,stop, skip forward, skip backward, volume, pause controls.

The bad:

Was very difficult to get some colors adjusted to anything pleasant. UI is very basic.

By the way if I put more than 502 songs in the play list then refreshed my browser the page went blank every time. I'm not sure if that is based on filename and song title length or an actual # of songs limit.