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bydavidosullivan, August 17, 2011
First the positive, ZOO is far and away the most solid, best programmed, most flexible CCK out there. It is vigorously maintained and updated and everything works and works beautifully.

BUT Support is dire, you will wait weeks if ever to get any help from a member of the team AND you will have to pay to even ask a question. I am sure the reason why ZOO is so good is because their developers spend all their time on the product and not the forum, thats fine- the product is great- BUT you have to pay to access the forum, where you will almost never get any official support. And because it is a paid for forum, you will most likely be the only person on it, so you wont get much help from the community either because nobody wants to pay to access a support forum that offers no support.
bydavidosullivan, January 28, 2011
I have been pleasantly surprised by this extension. It is basically very similar to Phoca Gallery but in my opinion better and simpler.

Since JPhoto charge £20 for their rubbish these guys could easily charge since their component a) works, b)has some advanced functionality like the ability to recreate all your thumbnails when you change your settings and lastly the support is excellent.

I wrote and resolved my issue within the hour- very good indeed.

The only reason I give it 4 stars rather than 5 is that it doesn't look very nice- and it is a gallery after all- but at least the output is modern and easily stylable.

Good work, and amazing for free.
bydavidosullivan, May 1, 2010
YJ Pop Login
As with the above reviewer I cannot get this working either. I have a pretty simple front page that uses a customised YooTheme template and nothing happens with this module when it is installed. The module itself displays but the buttons don't work. There does not seem to be any support for it either (no category in their forum categories) so by all means try it and you may get lucky- but don't get your hopes up.
bydavidosullivan, September 29, 2009
Like some others mentioned here I really think this should be in Joomla core.

Its great for adding attachments and offers users another way of adding content if they are scared about editing pages since they can simply attach word docs etc aswell.

It is dead easy to use and very user friendly from the front end which is in my opinion vital.

Just one word of warning: I almost gave up on this attachment after installing it on a local testing server as I received a number of errors relating to imageresize.php in the front end. I think these relate to not having imagemagik installed on my local server. When I installed it on 1and1 on a live site however everything worked fine and I discovered the 'edit' and 'delete' functionality in the front end which, because the images didn't show up on my local testing server, I did not realise were there.

So perhaps imageresize is not necessary for the icons and this might enhance compatibility across more servers.
bydavidosullivan, July 17, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I am sure this is a very well written plugin but the real spoiler for me is that it requires a Joomla hack to put it in a module.

For me that just isn't on as I do not want Joomla updates to screw up any modules that I will have carefully created. Its just one more potential problem that I don't need.