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bydavoetta, February 5, 2013
TT Facebook LikeBox
First of all - module works ok - BUT the height of the Live Stream cannot be changed anymore (maybe an change of facebook) - no fault of the module - so i conatcted the programmer - but did not get any response.
Sad to see that nobody cares about that module anymore.
bydavoetta, October 18, 2011
Was looking for an Plugin or module that could do exactly what this plugin does.
Works perfectly right out of the box.

Thanks for making such a great Plugin!
bydavoetta, March 30, 2011
Magic Point Header Lite
Despite i do not like flash slide shows - i must say its a good module - and i think its the best support i ever had - so quick and helpfull.
Thanks a lot - from now on i like flash slide shows also... :)
Well worth the 9 Dollars.