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bydazzlegas, April 8, 2008
Easy Paypal
I've been looking for a simple Paypal integration that would fix the pain that placing Paypay buttons in Joomla usually is.

(Generating the buttons in PP, pasting the code in the html editor, and hoping that I don't ever open the page again with the WYSIWYG editor turned on resulting in destroyed code.)

Anyway, I paid the small (reasonable) fee, and got my plugin delivered right away via email.

Followed the directions, and it was working just fine in native J 1.5.2. No more worrying about whether or not I had the WYSIWYG editor on or off.

I had a question for the author (would multiple items show up in PP - yes), and received my answers within the hour.

One of my pages has over 40 products on one page, and it works splendidly.

I am very happy with this plugin, and recommend it for anyone that needs a few Paypal buttons on their site.

Thanks Bing!
bydazzlegas, March 10, 2008
Flickr Suite Content
So, I've been looking far and wide for a quality Flickr pull for my website.

I've tried several before with mixed results, but none with Joomla 1.5.

I installed this but then it crashed my install. (Deactivating it fixed this immediately). Turns out, I needed to have PHP 5 running on my server.

I contacted my host, and got that running in no time. (My Joomla install survived just fine... but now it seemed a bit faster)

Then, then UniversalPlayground got working just fine.

It's easy to use, and I like it very much. No nonsense, but also, nice and clean looking. It's great!

I can't get the slideshow part to work, but I prefer the lightbox look anyway.

This is an under-rated plug-in, for certain.