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bydbirchmier, June 3, 2010
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
First off, the User Interface of this product isn't very good. To be honest, the desktop component is outright bad.

That being said, this component is absolutely fantastic! The functionality of it is unbelievable, and the support staff is so helpful that the poor UI really doesn't seem to matter. They step you through what you need to know and then you're off to the races.

My only fear is that some users may never explore the amazing features due to some being hidden away by poor UI design.

Here's some things you best NOT miss:
You can track who's on your website, where they are from, and what page they are currently visiting.

Then you can send a prompt to that user asking them if they need help.

If they accept your request they are immediately brought into a live chat with you.

That right there is an unbelievable sales tool in and of itself!

Everything else functions just as one would expect. Overall, extremely satisfied. By far the BEST chat client for Joomla.

The only downside is there is no desktop client for Mac. This will unfortunately hinder us from being able to use this component for some clients. Oh well! Everyone else will be getting it!!!
1)Product is completely free to use
2)Support is better than any paid Joomla Extension I've ever purchased
3)It's an incredibly powerful product. I haven't found a limitation as to what it can do yet.
4)The developers are really nice & helpful. I received an answer to my question within hours of posting.
5)Chronoforms is a product I could see using on almost every website I develop.
6)Absolutely fantastic! Takes 1-3hours depending on your skill level to learn and understand the system. The time it will save you is incredible. One of the best extensions I've ever used!

The new version of (3.0 Stable) does need a bit of develop on the GUI -- such as the ability to edit the form after creation, as a few others have pointed out. That being said, for being new, it's a great first step. There is NOTHING else out there that is like this product.