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bydbirk, December 31, 2010
This extension installed with no problems, on a website designed for seniors by a tinkering non-IT retiree. While our site really doesn't need translations, it is a fun feature for our old folks to play with. I agree with the July 13, 2010 post of Manosaravanan that the language list would be more practical if posted in the native language - on the otherhand, everyone should recognize their own flag. Some translation residue remains when switching back to the website default language -but a page refresh fixes it. The flags add eye candy and a little bit of multicultural education. Good Stuff!
bydbirk, November 19, 2010
I burned three days trying three free blog extensions - until I recognized that time is money lost. So I subscribed and within a day's effort, had an installed, working blog with test content. That's far more progress than was possible with the other three offerings which all hit issues not resolved via the near dead support services. One question to EasyBlog developers via their website support ticket got a response within one hour (don't they sleep on the other side of the Earth?).

I'm very pleased but can't yet give "perfect" marks. Their website Knowledge Base is empty and their Quick Start Guide doesn't get you much past installation. Folks not familiar with blog technology such as "burn feed", "post trackback", "Permalinks" and tags will be scratching their heads with the settings. But this can be cured by extended documentation and perhaps more contributors to their forum. The additional free related extensions are great.
I'm a retired geologist - not an IT guy - so if I can get it married to my Joomla! site, it must be a cake walk for you geeks. The developers have done a great job - and like all good engineers - have left the docs to the last. I look forward to enhancements.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great feedbacks! Yes, I understand that our documentation is slacking off but we are updating the documentation as we move along.

bydbirk, September 18, 2010
Page Peel Banner
Easy installation, and adds great graphical interest to my FrontPage. But it seems to have trashed the data collection for Visitor Google Map Pro. The map went blank. Could this relate to a prior post that stated WC3 validation errors?
It also froze animated GIF images on the same page. I hope I can fix this - I like both modules but may need to chose.
bydbirk, September 8, 2010
Nice PayPal Donations
This was my fourth attempt to add a PayPal donation button to my first attempt at a Joomla! website. Michael's rapid and detailed e-mail response was worth more than I paid for the download. Solved my newbie problems beyond this extension. Thanks! Only caution: make sure you use the document for the NicePayPal Donate and not the NicePayPal Button. The syntax differs but both have a donate button.