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bydbmorgan, October 2, 2012
I was a user since VM's inception and would have preferred to continue using it, but version 2.x is simply awful. It is so difficult to use that many long time users question whether it is broken or simply impossible to understand and implement.

Previous versions of VM had good functionality "right out of the box". This is no longer true. I would have been happy to be able to be able to duplicate the look and feel of my VM 1.1.x site but it was impossible to do so.

So instead of rebuilding my entire shop structure to suit VM, I simply decide to look elsewhere. It is a shame, I used to consider VM and five-star product.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your helpful insight, I am forced to agree with your point that VM2 is not like VM1, thankfully, and would like to offer you an alternative view to your points raised.

Joomla 2.5 and soon to come out V3 are completely different products to the first Joomla back in the day, this is known as progression, Virtuemart has also matured into a vastly superior product than previous was available in VM1.

The upgrade path from VM1 is easy, the upgrade path from Joomla 1.5 is easy, but only if you take the time to learn slightly different procedures and encompass new ideas, that were never available or needed in VM1, transferring your site can be done with a few clicks, which is explained in the forum, in fact if you view the forum you will find a number of people very helpful, all supporting and using this free product.

We have many successful sites transferred to VM2 and I implore you to reconsider using Virtuemart, a free shopping cart used throughout the world.

Please visit our forum and see for yourself. If your dislike was based around a bug that could never be fixed, that would be different, but maybe your dissatisfaction could be addressed with a little help from us and learning how things are done in VM2.

Thank you for leaving this feedback, your help will help us to improve further, each days brings news ways or new ideas.

bydbmorgan, March 25, 2011
First, I must say that I loved JoomlaStats and used it constantly. However, there had not been any new work done on it in over a year and I was ready to try a more up to date version.

I had statistics dating back to 2007 and migration was a long and painful process. However, I received excellent support and the results were worth the effort. You can migrate a huge database if you are willing to go to a little effort. A fresh install on a new site would be a piece of cake.

I have a few minor issues. The mouse scroll button does not like to work so scrolling up and down a page is wonky. I miss the fact that JS had links for registered users on the visitors view that would take you to Joomla OR VirtueMart user data. Mostly I like the fact that this component has a team actively developing it unlike JS which had gone completely dormant. Nice Work!