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bydcasmr, May 14, 2013
BF Quiz Plus
I have used BF QUIZ for a while to create quizzes and I am working on another educational project with BF QUIZ Plus.
This is an excellent easy to use joomla product. After installing it, you are ready to create quizzes with ease..I also like the include templates which allow the user to style the quizzes..
Most of all, the Developer provides excellent service if you have questions...
Mosets Tree
I have just started using Mosets Tree as a replacement of another similar product that was giving me many problems.
Mosets tree worked right out of the box. No problems with functionality and I had running without problem. When I needed help to tweak modules to my preferences, the support was excellent.
I am very satisfied with the product and the support and looking forward to future releases of Mosets Tree that will include other functionality I would like to have.
We are using Parinvite pro on our educational website in order to build a larger community. This product is a must for whoever is interested in easily allowing members to invite friends and contacts... Straightforward and work perfectly.
bydcasmr, June 21, 2012
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I have been using SimANSWERS for over a year on our educational website. It's an excellent component that comes in handy for Questions and Answers. The display is attractive, it is very easy to use and we have been using it to help students and our visitors on many educational topics.
I have never experienced any trouble with it and if you need help, just send an e-mail and their knowledgeable staff is available to help.
I was looking for an effective product to bring my site alive when I saw the excellent reviews about JFBConnect on this site. I decided to go along with the many people who found this tool excellent and are praising it. This product will bring your site alive and truly let it take advantage of social media such as Facebook and the many other platforms. Its very easy to use and they have clear documentation that you can just follow. The support is excellent and the developer is always there to help.
bydcasmr, September 23, 2011
I was looking for a better blog when I found Easyblog and saw nice comments about it. I decided to jump in right away. The product is superb and the service is excellent. All my questions were answered very fast and they even adjusted the setup to my liking.
This product rocks and their customer service is excellent. Thank you for being customer-focused. This is important for many new Joomla users like me.
bydcasmr, September 7, 2011
Sponsor Wall
I was looking for a module to thank the sponsors for my nonprofit organization. This product did the job in a very nice way.
Easy to install and to setup and very well done.
Payment Form
This is an excellent product that is easy to deploy. Very straightforward to install and use.
The service is also excellent.... I am very satisfied with it.
bydcasmr, March 30, 2010
Smart Flash Header
This my second Projom product and I am happy with them. I used a different product that was given me JS conflicts then decided to switch to Smart Flash Header. I am glad I did buy Smart Flash Header. Their support is excellent, period-
All together, I gave them a perfect score.
bydcasmr, March 26, 2009
Ads manager definitely could be the very best Ads component out there if they could just fix the basic main bugs that undermine is stability.
I am using version 2.51 and here are my observations:

1. Some ads appear in frontpage while they should be showing in a new page.
2. Some ads will not show on the menu module, however, when you click on the menu link, the ads show up.
3. Don't try to post in more than one ad category as no Ad will show.
4. Support is not that great on their site. I believe that questions posted for more than 2 weeks should be reviewed and acknowledged by a Support person.

I would consider changing my ratings if there are
steps to address the above mentionned issues.
Owner's reply


1- Not aware of such bug
2- did use try the two differents kind of SQL query (module option)
3- It's working great on all the sites I know
4- Forum is for the community, please free to contact me using my email adress

bydcasmr, January 14, 2009
Pro Magic Audio Player
This is an excellent player and most of all, the support is excellent as well.
I am very pleased with their professional approach to customer service as they are always ready to help if you have question or want to use the player in many ways-