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byddavalos, March 7, 2010
Hi Serey,

After fixing the problem with the treath on the com_angkor, it works like a charm! Thank you in advance for this amazing tool, it is perfect for my requirements...joomla has to include this tool in it by default.

please keep going!

Kind Regards

byddavalos, September 6, 2009
Nice mod easy to use and very user friendly...

Very very nice work Is a very nice free the moment i only see one issue, My web site is originally in english, went i translate the first time all works fine on any language...but if i do another translate (second time from the fist translate)...all the divs on my design are located on diferent places or lost... I really appreciate your help if is a bug in the mod or maybe an special requirement for the desing of my joomla template.

I was thinking if is possible to "redirect" the translation, like the home or an specific page of my site.

Thanks a lot for your attetion,Have a nice day!

Kind regards...nice Work!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your kind words. Try to validate your website with and try to fix all the major issues like XML Parsing errors.

I'm not sure about the "redirect" translation, but if you are asking about having translated page on a new page of your website like,, etc. then you may consider Pro version.