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byddotsenko, April 2, 2010
Great mod!

With all respect to the code, I do have a problem with presentation of the "advertisement" - "By" It's a bit confusing. It may be confused with another article on the list or article author.

I hope that the advertising message is changed to something like "powered by Mod LCA" where "Mod LCA" is a link to the mod's page. Also hope that not just "by" but the whole advertising message is gray or dark.

for a good example of mod advertising see jComment. (gray, small font, in lower right corner)

I am honored to use your mod and would like to display its advertising, but the present advertising presentation is (1) potentially confusing and (2) stylistically incorrect. I am tempted to turn the advertising off just because of these reasons.
Owner's reply

Changed in the v0.6 :)