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bydeanhennings, April 21, 2014

I am doing a kids club site, and far from a professional, John answered my questions, actually installed and set up.. all works perfectly, I went for the Pro Version because John was so helpful and spot on returning my emails... if all coders followed this customer service policy the joomla world would be a wonderful place !

Thanks John for doing wonderful service for the Joomla community !
bydeanhennings, January 8, 2014
AcyMailing Starter
Great Product !! Just what I needed
Downloaded ! Installed ! and 10 minutes sent out an email. we are a very small
kids club and I am not a professional so this made it simple and just right,
planning on upgrading !

Support ! spot on ! timely and professional ! 6 starts !
bydeanhennings, January 1, 2014
eorisis: jQuery
WOW, never expect to have all my problems solved, day figuring out my troubled calendar jquery and loading issues with the coders that could not fix there issues.... With a few emails the problem was spotted !!! George answered out kids club's prayer and we have a site that is functional and fast !!! can not say enough on the personal touch !!! George is what open source is all about ! Dean
Owner's reply

Thanks Dean, for all your kind words and support, it is appreciated. I am very glad I could help you on your issues, and feel free to get in touch any time in the future as well. I am very glad you use my extension.

As I have mentioned in the help section of this plugin on there are times that extensions load the jquery library without giving any control on that to the webmaster. The jQuery library must be loaded once and 'in the right order'. Otherwise a website either completely breaks, or loads slow even on the most modern web browsers. Especially on Joomla! 3.2 that you run, which loads jQuery, Migrate, Bootstrap and Mootools libraries by default.

Thanks again,

bydeanhennings, December 26, 2013
JCal Pro
I ended up removing this, couldn't see paying more for simple functionality. Really didn't do enough, Bought a 5 star Calendar and very happy... Support was great they tried... just needs an update to other products for todays market. Just didn't work with my commercial template.
bydeanhennings, December 25, 2013
Great plugin great support !!! cant say enough, must have plugin, great service !!!! Questions answered, not a professional and needed a little hand holding and up and running and my SEO is done !
bydeanhennings, December 19, 2013
JO Facebook Gallery
Must have software
Can't say enough about this coder !!! Service ! attention to detail prompt
support !!! all the help a non pro needs ! 6 stars !

Must have if you have albums ! I tried on site albums and it killed my cheap
hosting ! This was a great idea !! price is right ! also !
bydeanhennings, December 19, 2013
JCH Optimize
Great Service
Great module ! did exactly what was said, not a professional so they poped it in
for me ! helped with other ideas and I went from a "F" to a "B" in a mater of
hours... site running better than ever ! 6 stars !!! if I could