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bydeck2deck, May 13, 2010
I love this extension. Ryan is brilliant and I hope he's on the team that's working to improve Joomla overall... they/we need him! This extension works right out of the box... the plugins are very valuable and definitely worth the small annual subscription fee. Just in time saved, it was worth it on the first day. I will always install this extension first, right after I install Joomla.
Two suggestions: (Unless I'm using it wrong, which is possible), I don't see an option to change the display text for a hyperlink to a file. It would be nice if that were an option; also automatic "text-decoration:none" would be nice (i.e. check a box and keep it checked as default until you want to turn it off). But I'm probably in the minority as far as who would use those features anyway. Five stars to this extension and developer! :)
bydeck2deck, January 14, 2010
Job Grok App
This extension is okay, not great. I'm VERY surprised at the number of good reviews it has received, but now I notice that the reviews are fairly dated. SO I'm guessing this extension was good last summer but has lost something in the meantime.
Anyway, although it did install easily and was easy to set up, it is not easily customizable and I need it to be for my use. Also, there are a few bugs in it that I was unable to figure out and the forums are useless... about half the questions remain unanswered, and there is no search feature to search for the answer you are looking for. Good luck posting a question... it's about 50% likely to get answered. Good luck and if someone finds another extension that can do this better, please post here! :)
Owner's reply

Take this review with a grain of salt, as I'm not so sure the reviewer really understands the purpose of the component. This component is not a "forms" component.

In response, I'd agree this is not easy to customize if you're looking to add fields- the objective of this component is not to be a customizable form component, of which there are many good ones available (no need to post here, search the extensions directory), but to be a paperless application solution for a small business. SO if you're looking for a customizable form, use one of those listed in the extensions directory. If you're looking for a generic application give it a try.

The forums are there for the community as we don't have the man power to constantly monitor them. That being said, feel free to send us a note with any questions or issues you may have, you'll find we're quick to respond and always do our best to answer any submitted question.

Searching the forums is just like searching the site. Use the search available on the site and it will search the forums.

bydeck2deck, October 20, 2008
Akeeba Backup
This is awesome... if only ALL joomla! extensions worked as easily as this one. Click -- boom -- done... backed up and sleeping well at night. This is the first extension that has motivated me to actually donate to the joomla project... because I already know how much time (and therefore money) it's going to save me. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
bydeck2deck, September 24, 2008
JCK Editor
Why didn't I start with this one to begin with? After months of struggling with formatting content (using the default editor), I finally decided it just wasn't worth my time to keep monkeying with it and gave in -- and downloaded an extension. I had been reluctant to use ANY extensions because my site is huge and has a lot of customization -- I didn't want to break anything and have to find a fix or -- worse -- start over. Anyway, I started with JCE which was great but this one is tons better!!! I'm not sure why it doesn't also have the Editor's Pick designation but I certainly recommend it! AND I hope this developer makes other extensions for joomla! Thanks and keep up the great work!
Owner's reply

Hi deck2deck, thank you for your positive contribution & we are delighted that you have found our work a welcomed relief. We are planning to launch 2 new components 1 of them will work in partnership with the latest version of the editor, so we will keep you posted.