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bydeepakdhingra, November 1, 2011
Reports for VirtueMart
To my knowledge there is no product that does what this one does. Alongwith the other products that Interamind offers. And so I bought their entire package at a discount. Installed and works right out of the box. Really amazing.
When I asked them for another add-on they gave it to me free of cost. I think its quite nice of them and that was another reason why I had to write this review.
I am a web developer and with e-commerce getting big it has become essential for me to offer my clients data reports. I paid for this extension and am going to offer it to my clients as an add-on feature without charging them.
I have installed this on 1 site and the client is very impressed with the result. I made a presentation to another client and I clinched the deal. Reporting is as essential as anything else for any business.
bydeepakdhingra, January 29, 2010
Email as Username
All these years I have wondered why has Joomla got this Username thingy instead of email. And to top it, why didnt anyone do something about it. Thanks to Dylan, we now have a great plugin that simply works if you follow the simple steps. I wonder why hasn't anyone done this before him.

Dylan's Plugin is a must have for every Joomla site. This is my very first review and I am glad that I am writing this for him. His plugin (both for Joomla and VM registration) worked out of the box on 3 of my sites and on the one it did not work initially, he took time off to sort the problem out (it was a problem with my Joomla files).

Thanks for a great job, Dylan. You are a very helpful person.