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bydeepblue61, December 21, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
I had a very tough issue, at least I think so. Basically I need to place the main menu into the different positions. On the frontpage, the main menu module should be on the top module. On all other pages, the main menu should be on the left module. So I created 2 menu, one for top and one for left. I assigned only main menu to the top one. and all other to the one on the left. So when I tried it, it seems working OK. when you click any link with has the item ID. The problem raised when I installed some other modules like calendar, search, weather report ... etc, you name it. Since the links on those modules are not identified by the system, so whenever I click the links, example: "Show More", the main menu on the left disappeared, because these links have no item ID, and system redirect the links to the pages where main menu on the left will not be assigned to it due to its uncertain ID. You can imagine I've tried all different ways......
Metamod, place here module, mod everywhere.. , using different templates,... I can't remember it.
At the last I was about to change the frontpage layout so that I only use one module...
By searching, I found this module: Advanced Module Management. I didn't give much hope just simply like to try it. I noticed there is option under menu assignment item: Include no itemid?
I chose Yes. You know what? It works like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo much, the great developer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you, thanks you, thanks YOU!!!
bydeepblue61, December 18, 2010
Stock Trader Pro
It took me 5 seconds to download and other 5 seconds to set it up. It works like a charm!!!
Thanks the developer so much, I really like this one!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback! Always good to hear :-)

bydeepblue61, November 20, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
This is simply amazing module. It took me 2 minutes to figure out everything, not only that once it is installed in my Joomla website, it really shows its cool and fancy effect!!!
I like it very much, I would like to thanks the code developer. I think this is so called best quality application:
Best quality, easy to use and good documentation.
Thanks again!!