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bydegarrin, March 31, 2014
We have been using this extension for a few months now and have really grown to enjoy it. It is based on "originator/creator" as the Project Manager but not part of the actual Project Team. They simply oversee the progress etc. However, the small learning curve and the reliability of the extension is excellent.

Yes we wrote the developer and discovered there was no plans for an updated release beyond 2.5 (hence why not 5 stars). Since we will be upgrading to 3.0 soon our selves we will be yet again on the lookout for a different project manager. For those of you who will be on 2.5 for awhile and are in need of a project manager - this is definitely one to consider.
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Since more and more people seems to be interested in a Joomla 3.x compatible version I took the decision to launch a compatible version as soon as possible.


bydegarrin, October 24, 2013
Simple, elegant and well crafted extension. Support is friendly and overall we are very pleased with it. We look forward to the next version.
bydegarrin, October 7, 2013
Personal Goals Manager
Truly a unique and yet powerful extension that helps those who wish to create plans of actions in which they wish to achieve specific results when reaching their goals. This extension provides all that and then some. We also love the fact the Joomplace provides the option of lifetime licensing and updates on their extensions. We enjoy their products.
bydegarrin, October 7, 2013
This extension just keeps getting better and better. When we first acquired it - we were just experimenting with the usage for groups and individuals members. With each update they provide new enhancements and features that make it even more useful and powerful. Definitely an extension all should have if they want to provide blogs.
bydegarrin, October 7, 2013
Online Memorials Directory
We had been searching for a way to have such a feature on our church site. This was an answer to our prayers. Easy to install, setup, and use. Support has been prompt in providing assistance. We really like it and look forward to the future updates with it.
bydegarrin, July 31, 2013
JRealtime Analytics
Excellent quality and service. We found this one to be so much more reasonable than most out there that do the same thing. Also, we asked for some assistance and tweaking and was all was done quickly. We wish all developers were as friendly and as professional as this one. Keep up the great work and release more stuff.
bydegarrin, July 3, 2013
Intranet Attendance Track
With excellent support right out of the gate we have found this extension to be just what we needed. We even asked for a couple of tweaks and received them right away. Even other features we are wanting are also coming in a soon to be released version. The developer is very kind and definitely shines when it comes to customer service. We look forward to more things from them. A must have extension.
bydegarrin, May 9, 2012
Music Collection
We did a lot of research, compared many products, and even tested a few, but none really compare to the features available in Music Collection. It is by far the most comprehensive product of its kind out there that we could find, especially for the money. It also allows for the addition of items through the front-end, which many extension do not.

We had some customization work done to adjust the layout to fit our specific needs, and the developer was very professional, created exactly what we needed, and the cost was reasonable.

There is documentation available on the developer's site and an active forum, which helped us out on several occasions. The developer is friendly and provides assistance as soon as possible. If you are using the extension "out of the box," no programming knowledge is necessary and it should only take a few minutes to get your extension up and running, otherwise it is helpful to have some experience/understanding of the basics used in most Joomla extensions (PHP, Javascript, CSS, etc).