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bydeggertsen, February 19, 2009
Event Registration Pro

As I did some research (but not enough) on which Registration component to use I chose this one as it appeared to have the most functionality and the most customization. In the beginning I was not disappointed! There are quite a few features and good customization but when I got to creating an event registration form I ran into problems.

1. No separators, intro text, etc. The forms are limited to 7 fields and if you're not putting in an input field you're not putting in anything. This is a HUGE lack in functional presentation as on some registration forms I would like to separate the fields into sections (i.e. t-shirt, event lodging, event products). Thus we are limited to descriptions on the input fields (at least you've got that) to categorize and present the fields.

2. No if than options for the fields. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if you could have some fields the were dependent on a previous field. For example: Do you want a t-shirt? (radio buttons for yes or no, of course with this component you couldn't use radio buttons because you would have to put "I want a T-shirt" () and then on the next row down "I do not want a T-shirt" () so you would have to use a selection drop down which is very sloppy) then when somebody clicks yes you would have options come up for what size and how many. While this option is not necessary it should be for what is being charged.

My advise is that before you even consider purchasing this product that you go to their excellent demo site, log into the back-end and try to create your form. It may work the way it is for you but for me this was a MAJOR disappointment.
Owner's reply

The form builder has been completely revamped and we now have a lot of additional features available for the above listed items.

bydeggertsen, December 4, 2008
I used jcrawler for awhile on several Joomla sites and it worked well enough... But when I decided to try Xmap I was blown away! This is an awesome component!
bydeggertsen, December 3, 2008
Random MP3 Player
Installed and set up without any problems. Just what I needed. One thing that would be nice is if the width could be adjusted as well as the height or if there could be a few different player templates that could be selected.
Owner's reply

Yes, I agree entirely, I am planning an update which will include these features.

bydeggertsen, November 12, 2008
I'm glad that this module exists as it saved me some work but I still had to go in and hack it as the "Bookmark Site" link wasn't working in firefox. That would be a good bug to fix and not too difficult... Other than that it has quite a bit of good functionality for a module. I recommend it if you need a bookmark link on your site.
bydeggertsen, March 31, 2008
It works great and makes forms fast and easily (once you understand the system). Great work on this one!

My only problem would be how user friendly it is. It would be nice to have a built in walkthrough or a sample form that comes with the installation.