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bydeilert, November 15, 2008
Very simple and powerful. This saved me LOTS of time from entering a few hundred users. Awesome!
bydeilert, May 3, 2008
Flickr Suite Content
Wow! Talk about a super fast way to get photos up on a site! As a Flikr user - I love the ability to add a whole photo set to an article with a simple statement [Flickr set=###]! Amazingly simple, amazingly functional, and amazing way to keep your server host space clean of all that photo storage! WOW - D/L This one and check it out!!!!!!!
bydeilert, October 28, 2006
Download, install, publish, and put content in {youtube}6qhpLJtzBHA{/youtube} - Bam! WOW.

The hardest part was learning how to recode video into MP4 and setting up the Youtube account. Sheesh.